Social Media Paid Advertising

At KLM Media, we understand the importance of social media advertising, especially to ecommerce brands. In this age many ecommerce brands rely on social media marketing for 70-90% of their total online revenue. We have a deep understanding of advertising on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. 


With increasing competition against other brands on all social advertising platforms, it’s vital to implement a robust strategy with engaging ad content to overtake competition and reach your ideal customers. 


Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is likely to be essential for you if you’re an ecommerce business. KLM Media, will do a full evaluation on your online store, products and social media presence to evaluate the right social media strategy for your brand to suit your budget.


All social media campaigns are developed with agreed KPIs in mind. As KLM Media runs your campaigns we will ensure your budget is spent effectively to reap the best results.