• Katie Louise

Why You MUST Be Using Instagram IGTV in 2020 and How To Use It To It's Full Potential

When IGTV first launched, it hadn't been quite clear how it was performing or what it might bring back marketers’ Instagram strategy. However, after a couple of changes and updates to the Instagram platform as an entirety, IGTV remains alive and well, and can likely still rise in importance throughout 2020. First, Instagram has added an IGTV tab to their Explore page navigation, giving users even more opportunities to seek out videos and content creators they’re curious about. Next, Instagram also added the choice to incorporate previews of IGTV videos within a user’s regular feed, helping people to get accounts they follow that are also creating long-form video content. All you've got to do is toggle the on button for this feature once you publish a video. Not only that, but the platform has also allowed for landscape video content, making it even easier to share existing video content your brand has already created. While their initial venture was to extend the creation of vertical video, things like this need baby steps. Adding the flexibility to upload horizontal video content gives even more content creators easier access to IGTV.

So what does this mean for your brand? It means you must absolutely consider adding IGTV to your Instagram strategy in 2020. Creators are seeing more and more views on their IGTV videos, making it an excellent tactic to test for your business. Ways to use IGTV Effectively for your brand:

1. Share existing video content, including in landscape format, to succeed in a greater audience. 2. Create vertical video content or edited content vertically specifically for IGTV. 3. Consider creating an IGTV series that your audience will love, what are you seeing on your Instagram feed that is engaging? 4. Share previews of your IGTV videos to your feed to succeed in more viewers.

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