• Katie Louise

Are eCommerce subscriptions the future of retail?

Walmarts eCommerce venture based in India has landed a new round of fundraising of $3.6 billion following a possible initial public offering (IPO). And, in recurring revenue, an American Express veteran is taking over as head of the Walmart+subscription program, which rolled out back September 20 as a competitor to Amazon Prime.


350M: Minimum number of registered users Flipkart now boasts.

171.4M: Sum of Amazon Prime members as of June 2021.

$3.6B: Amount of funding Flipkart Group recently announced it raised.

20%: Share of U.S. consumers who have both an Amazon Prime and a Walmart+ account, as per PYMNTS data.

1.6M: Minimum count of kiranas Flipkart said it now works with through its wholesale business and last-mile delivery program.

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