• Katie Louise

5 Free Ways Brands and Influencers Can Create Content For Good During COVID-19

As consumers continue to cope with the negative impacts of COVID-19, it's our responsibility as brands, content creators and influencers to put their needs above all else and create engaging and reactive content to help keep people at home, whilst also assisting in ensuring the publics mental health is kept at an all time high.

Here are 5 Social Media Campaign themes working well for brands and content creators in order for them to captivate their audiences.

1. Be Informative

The lack of true vs false/rumoured information being spread vastly across the internet is at an all time high. Brands and influencers have the ability to positively influence thousands if not millions of people. With the current worldwide pandemic, good use of this tool is to spread accurate information and encourage their followers to do their part to spread the slow of the virus.

2. Donate or Raise For Charity

Just like how you would normally collaborate with an influencer as a brand, or vice versa. You can collaborate in the same way but to raise funds for important causes. This also highlights your brand values and puts them into action.

A successful example of this is Jansport, who partnered with TikTok influencers, to create a video and tag #UnpackThatChallenge Jansport donated a backpack full of supplies per entry as part of the challenge. This campaign resulted in 297 Videos with a collective 5.6million video views with hundreds and thousands of engagements.

3. Teach Your Audience

At the moment most of us have a lot of time on our hands, teach your audience something new. Influencers and brands are a perfect platform yo teach consumers about new fitness or beauty regimes for example. Wilson Tennis took the opportunity to do this by partnering with a tennis influencer to demonstrate to their fans how they could practise their backhand at home.

4. Get Creative

Parents and carers all over are struggling to keep children and teens entertained whilst they are being home schooled during lockdown. Brands and influencers can help those in time of need globally by sharing creative, craft, DIY ideas and other home based activities to promote creativity and encourage the public to stay home.

5. Spreading Positivity

Uplifting and positivity is desperately needed by all at this time. influencer and brads are in a perfect position to provide this via social media platforms and outlets. Try to find ways that your brand can engage your audience and spread a smile on peoples faces during this difficult time.

In conclusion, there are many different ways you can use your unique position to leverage the audience you have as a brand or influencer on social media and and help individuals stay occupied whilst staying at home.

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