• Katie Louise

5 Biggest eCommerce Email Marketing Mistakes

We have all heard the phrase "Don't spend money on the things you can't afford to pay for." What they don't tell you is how much they can charge you. Email (and most Internet Marketing) has great profit potential and if you don't have a clear strategy then you are falling out of love with the art of E-Marketing.

As a newbie I think it is important to spend a minimum amount of money in the first 6 months and ideally a minimum of 18 months. There are reasons to do this but these are the ones I believe most of us need to follow.

Here are 5 points that can help you avoid making mistakes at the beginning:

1. Don't pay for a list. By this I mean, don't use a company that gives you an E-Mail address or allows you to email people with offers when they (and you) buy something from them. I'm sure you know the potential complications of this. Look around and you will find many companies that will give you an E-Mail address and handle all your issues with it. A good example would be MailChimp, one of the companies I manage for and recommend to my students. They charge for their mail shots but they have a terrific reputation and can do the job well.

2. Don't use stale content.

Lets face it, people love having a reason to come visit your website. There is lots of great and interesting content out there if you know where to look. Your website should be designed with your market in mind. Just because you like a site doesn't mean everyone else will. There are very few businesses that have 5% market share yet they have made several million dollars. What's all is wrong with the average marketer? None. I believe it is the people follow a particular method that ultimately dictates their success. I think there are maybe 5% legitimate ways to make money and five percent scams simply have not caught up to the rest of the methods.

3. Don't spend money on Autoresponder software.

There are some very reputable companies offering autoresponder off the shelf like Aweber. However I would recommend that you write your own e-mail messages. Email marketing takes some work and if you are not a big (such as thousands of dollars) businesses it can take a lot of time to make it stick therefore it is very easy to get distracted and stop. Think of consistent but short emails that are related to your business and keep them short and to the point. Again, do some research on Aweber to find the best way to get your e-mails generated and handled the way you want them.

4. Don't pick a method before researching it.

It is very easy to start marketing and selling your product and it is even easier to take a course or buy an eBook (but not before doing your research) and skip this step. There are honest marketers out there offering just what you need and then some are just not honest. You should at least investigate all to the better if it is a good fit for you.

5. Don't give away the fishing to the hook.

If you are looking to get into the big league you will have to dig in and learn to fish and take fish. How do you know if the company you are thinking about is the best one? You will be spending a lot of money to learn how. If you feel good about the material and have done the work then by all means give it a go. If the materials are just too overwhelming or information are too hard to follow there is a reason they weren't written professionally and they simply won't help you get to the next step in internet marketing.

Hopefully we have provided some good information to help you avoid making mistakes in your email marketing strategy. Remember to do your research and remember that when your learning you are competing with everyone else for a piece of the pie so when you are ready you will be the one that takes the eaten pie and makes it into the pot.

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