Social Media Content Photoshoot

At KLM Media we can create social media campaigns and brand video content. We plan your video and photo content via moodboards from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat  and Pinterest. Our goal is to create visual consistency as well as maximise your brand impact through delivering engaging content. 


The Process

Simply post us your products, whilst we’re waiting for them to arrive we will carry out intensive research and create moodboards for you to approve. Once you’ve approved our moodboard ideas we will carry out the photoshoot followed by professional editing. Then deliver the marketing assets ready for you to post yourself on social media or for us to manage the posting for you.


Our pricing structure is based per image, we recommend either 30 or 60 images per month for your brand allowing you to have enough content to post once or twice per day and maxime engagement. We can also source and include models within our shoots if you would like to showcase your products in use. 

GC Lifestyle Shot 24.JPG

Our Work

TLC Lifestyle Shot 3
GC Lifestyle Shot 24
WP Lifestyle Shot 7
DX Lifestyle Shot 5
TLC Lifestyle Shot 2